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Not to brag but I come with an experience of three years in shooting and video editing. I guess, You must have got an idea about it from our home page but let me tell you what you don’t know! I can gym forever but at the same time can complete a large size butter chicken pizza in one go! Apart from that what defines me are mountains, tech, pranks (though I assure you that this is not a prank), that person’s brain who has got eyes on me!

Um now that, you’ve stayed with me till now,

I guess, you’re already in my team and

that we should meet asap over a Shawarma?



Um hi, i like to call myself dumdum and this dumdum apparently is bad at introductions! So she has listed below all the words that describes/fascinates her. And if any of them relates to you, the next page is waiting for you to contact me.

Universe. Eating half of his pizza.

Writing. A lot of it. Reading. More than writing. Daydreaming. Designing. Sugar rush. Constellations. Advertising. Photography. Animated movies. Making silly playlists. Van Gogh.

Creating content. For us. For you.



“ye zamaane mein acchai nahi rahi?”

We used to think the same until we met this talented kind soul, Jay. When we have a perfect idea and storyline, he’s the one to convert it into reality with us. And oh, apart from that, all the brownie points to him for his silly yet hilarious jokes. (Tho we want him to stop but it comes along with the talent, he says) We wish to write more about him. Trust us, we do but it’s difficult to put the aesthetics of his work into words. So we’ll let his work do the further talking.


Hey, @junketbyjay we are super glad to have you as a part of our team.

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