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My 2021 journey to Himachal marked a pivotal moment, deepening my inner peace through the quiet majesty of its landscapes. That where I got my first taste of meditation.  I tried to capture the essence of each day within a photograph, a visual journal of my inner journey.

Upon returning, a desire to breathe motion into these static images took hold, giving rise to the animation of my still memories. Each frame pulsated with the life and rhythm of the moments they encapsulated. To accompany this visual symphony, I chose the timeless piece "Fly Me to the Moon," a background score that resonated with the newfound discovery of  peace. This creative endeavor became more than an artistic expression—it was a meditation in motion, a peaceful reflection captured through my lens and animated into a story of personal metamorphosis. This is not merely a series of animated frames, it's a tribute to the place where I found stillness and movement to coexist in harmonious balance.

Until next time Himachal...


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