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Rocksoul Cafe & Bistro

Rocksoul isn't just a café, it's a collision of art and coffee culture, where every detail bears the imprint of its artistic founder. Within its walls, patrons immerse themselves in an unparalleled atmosphere, where culinary delights and exquisite artwork intermingle. More than a café, Rocksoul serves as a haven for artists and gastronomes alike, offering a unique stage to display their creations, explore new flavors, and unwind. Beyond this, it houses a tattoo studio and cultivates bonds with diverse biker communities. I was entrusted with the task of capturing Rocksoul's essence through a captivating video, seamlessly weaving together the narratives of artist Mr. Het, tattoos, art, and the café. Additionally, I undertook the design of menus and all associated marketing materials, shaping Rocksoul's story into a compelling visual and culinary journey. 

I was commissioned to make undertake all their digital marketing responsibilities for the year of 2023.

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