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Off The Grid


In this video series, I've utilized robots as a metaphor to explore routine human experiences. Each video presents a different aspect of life, articulated through the lens of mechanical beings.


- The first video delves into the monotonous, often mechanical nature of modern work life. Robots are used to symbolize the repetitive, automated routines that many people experience in their daily jobs.


- In the second video in the series captures the serendipity of human connections. It portrays how, despite the vastness and impersonality of the modern world, people still find ways to meet and form meaningful relationships, represented through robots unexpectedly encountering each other.


And in the third video tackles the theme of departure or the end of a journey. It reflects on how, after all life's experiences and routines, everyone must eventually say goodbye, a universal human experience poignantly depicted through the robots' narrative.


Overall, this series aims to mirror human life and emotions through the actions and interactions of robots, highlighting the often overlooked depth and complexity of our everyday experiences.


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